RIO CLAD Resurfacer

RIO CLAD Resurfacer

Power-Trowel Epoxy Overlay Resurfacer

RIO CLAD is a three-component filled, 100% solids epoxy system for resurfacing eroded interior concrete floors. Topcoats (RIOCOAT EMP, RIOCOAT EPT and RIOCOAT UHW) are two-component, 100% solids epoxies for sealing the overlay.

Applications include repairing large eroded areas such as main traffic aisles, loading docks and other spaces subject to heavy traffic and abuse.

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• Safe to use around solvent sensitive products such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products
• Less costly than concrete replacement or capping
• Cleans easily, saving detergent, labor and water
• No VOC (0 g/L). (Complies with SCAQMD VOC regulations. LEED credits available.)


900 sq. ft. (83.61 m2) kit

11,700 sq. ft. (1,086.97 m2) kit (Contractor Only)