RIO SHIELD TOPCOAT Sealer is a reactive, acrylic resin based on methyl methacrylate (MMA). RIO SHIELD TOPCOAT Sealer is designed to be applied as the final layer of a RIO acrylic flooring system. RIO SHIELD TOPCOAT Sealer has a low viscosity and provides a high degree of protection from thermal, mechanical, chemical, and UV attack.

RIO SHIELD TOPCOAT Sealer can be applied neat or with pigment and pigment suspending agent over a RIO self-leveling, colored quartz or colored flake floor. RIO SHIELD TOPCOAT Sealer contains a bluing additive that is designed to prevent ambering that can detract from the esthetic qualities of light-colored flake and quartz floors.

RIO SHIELD TOPCOAT Sealer is 100% reactive and is fast-curing. RIO SHIELD TOPCOAT Sealer should be applied at a thickness of 15 -20 mils. Two thin coats (15 mil) are always better than one thick coat.


•  Excellent bonding capabilities — achieves a chemical bond to other RIO system components.
•  Low viscosity makes for easy application with a roller or brush.
•  UV resistant for indoor or outdoor application.
•  Cures fast — under an hour.
•  Cures at a wide range of temperatures. (even below freezing)
•  100% reactive — VOC compliant.
•  Excellent chemical, mechanical, thermal resistance.
•  Bluing for light-colored floors.
•  Excellent scratch resistance.


38 lb Pails

400 lb Drums

Hardener powder is available in 3 lb containers and 55 lb boxes. RIO SHIELD SL Filler is available in 40 lb bags.