Chemically Reactive Liquid Hardener & Densifier for Concrete Surfaces

RIOSIL PLUS is a chemically reactive, water-based solution of potassium-silicate with added siliconate. It chemically reacts within the concrete matrix of form additional calcium-silicate-hydrate (C-S-H), filling pores and capillaries to create a dense, hardened surface. The siliconate component responds to polishing or wear by developing a satin sheen, resists black tire marks and adds hydrophobic characteristics.


    Increases surface density and durability
    Reduces surface absorption of liquids
    Allows moisture vapor transmission
    Resists black tire marks
    V.O.C. compliant, water based
    Neutralizes surface alkali to minimize efflorescence
    Will not peel, scratch or delaminate
    Develops satin sheen
    Naturally slip resistant
    Dries quickly for minimal downtime
    Normal life expectancy of twenty years
    Minimizes maintenance costs and labor


5 Gal Kit
55 Gal Kit

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