Industrial Flooring

These flooring systems are designed to hold up to the demands of working auto shops, manufacturing facilities, aviation, or equally tough flooring areas. These systems must withstand every day wear and tear from forklift traffic, to airplane tugs.

Features of RIO Industrial Systems:

  • LEED Credits available Indoor Environmental Quality – 4.2 Low Emitting Materials, Paint and Coatings
  • Low odor
  • Low VOC
  • Aluminum oxide or silica sand is often utilized for additional slip resistance and durability
  • Holds up to heavily trafficked areas, especially heavy wheel traffic
  • Aliphatic
  • Satin sheen helps maintain a new look as well as helps in the durability

Recommended for Shop Floor

RIO recommends a three or four-coat system that has a silica sand broadcast for added durability, and slip resistance. A top coat of RIOCOAT Urethane for light stability and  chemical resistance is highly recommended.