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Concrete Polishers: Stop Buying Water

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The global polished concrete market currently sits at 2.2 billion dollars and expected to reach 3 billion by 2025 at a 5.6% CAGR. This reads like a good thing for sure, but when I read it through my product development eyes, I see tons of unnecessary water being sold, shipped, and stored. You are now asking "What kind of nonsense is this guy talking about?" Lets continue.

Well, here is a little unadvertised factoid most of the concrete polishing material manufacturers do not want you to know. On average and depending on formulation, concrete polishing liquids are mostly water. Do not believe me? Look at Section 3 (Composition/Information on Ingredients) of any competitive SDS or the headline image of this blog. It will read something like "Colloidal Silica or some other active ingredient 10-40%, exact percentages withheld as a trade secret". Well guess what the remaining 90-60% is? WATER!

At Rio Flooring Systems, we saw this as an opportunity to help our customers. We removed the water component and developed a complete line of concentrated concrete cleaners’ cutters, densifiers, and guards. In addition to the cost, freight and packaging savings, our concentrates can also be reused if they happen to freeze, cannot be overapplied, can be applied using an auto-scrubber and includes zero VOCs.

Did you know, RIO-FLECT™ concentrated concrete polishing liquids can:

  1. Reduce your concrete material spend by 67% without compromising coverage

  2. Reduce your material freight bill by 75%

  3. Reduce your storage space by over 75%

Let us prove this out by running the numbers on shipping (1) tote of concentrated RIO-FLECT™ concrete densifier from Cleveland, Ohio to Houston, Texas. We are using a tote for this example, but all RIO-FLECT™ polishing materials are available in pails and drums as well.

The numbers below are based on purchasing enough densifier for a 400,000 square foot facility.

RIO-FLECT™ (Concentrated Densifier Formula)

  • RIO-FLECT™ densifier dilution ratio is 3 gallons water to 1 gallon densifier

  • Coverage rate is 375 square feet per diluted gallon

  • One tote includes 275 gallons of colloidal densifier concentrate

  • One tote makes 1,100 Gallons of (RTU) ready to use densifier

  • One tote provides enough densifier to cover 412,500 square feet.

  • Shipping cost: $500

  • Storage Space: 13 Square Feet

  • Average cost per diluted gallon: $13


  • (RTU) Ready-to-Use Formula

  • Coverage rate is 375 square feet per diluted gallon

  • One tote includes 275 gallons of (RTU) colloidal silica densifier

  • One tote provides enough densifier to cover 103,125 square feet. (-75% coverage reduction). Need to order (4) totes for this project

  • Shipping cost: $2000 ($500 x 4ea totes) (+75% increase in freight spend)

  • Storage space: 52 square feet (+75% increase in required storage space)

  • Average cost per gallon $40 (+ 67% cost 'i.e. water" increase)

This example clearly demonstrates profitable advantages of purchasing our concentrate. It is now up to you to decide. Continue to lose money on their water or make money on your water. Stop buying Water!


Rio Flooring Systems

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