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A unique, very-high-solids urea that utilizes the latest polyaspartic technology. This low-VOC, low-odor, fast-curing, two-part floor coating is an ideal top-coat for various RIO Concrete systems including the RIO-CHIP Broadcast and RIO-QUARTZ broadcast systems.

Blue color swatch of Rio-Coat UPA Polyaspartics
  • Dries for Light Foot Traffic in 2 hours

  • Return to Service in 24 hours

  • Low VOC (50 state VOC and DOT Compliant)

  • Excellent UV Stability

  • Superb Abrasion and Wear Resistance

  • Excellent Leveling Properties without a lot of Solvent

  • Will not Blush or Haze at Higher Film Thickness (15 mils)

Rio-Coat UPA Polyaspartics floor in a lab
Rio-Coat UPA Polyaspartics floor in a werehouse
Rio-Coat UPA Polyaspartics in an empty factory
upa 85


A unique, economical, low-viscosity, fast-drying polyaspartic/polyurea that stays clear and will not blush or haze at high film thicknesses (20 mils). RIOCOAT UPA 85 is frequently used as topcoats in abusive environments such as garages, warehouses and production areas. RIOCOAT UPA 85 may be used as a clear primer. RIOCOAT UPA 85 may also be pigmented with Pigment Packs to achieve a solid colored primer, body-coat, or topcoat. RIOCOAT UPA 85 has excellent bond strength, 100% UV resistance, chemical resistance and gloss retention.

Shiny grey color swatch Rio-Coat UPA Polyaspartics
  • Excellent UV stability

  • Fast dry time

  • Excellent chemical and tire-stain resistance

  • Great leveling properties

  • Tintable with UltraColor Pigment Packs

  • DOT non-regulated

Rio-Coat UPA Polyaspartics in an early childhood classroom
Rio-Coat UPA Polyaspartics in a family kitchen
Rio-Coat UPA Polyaspartics in a werehouse
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