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RIO-DECK EP (PRIMER) is a two component, liquid applied, solvenated epoxypolyamine primer with unique penetrating characteristics. This primer is recommended for metal flashings and other medium to heavy duty traffic areas and for outdoor applications.


Applications include: concrete, metal, glass reinforced plastics, plywood and polyurethane elastomeric surfaces.

Grey color swatch of RIO-DECK Parking Deck and Traffic Coating Systems
  • Seals Concrete

  • Low Viscosity

  • Excellent Adhesion

  • For use in SCAQMD areas

RIO-DECK Parking Deck and Traffic Coating Systems

RIO-DECK BTUFF 308 is is a two component, fast setting, rapid curing, solvent free, flexible, high performance, high solids, urethane-elastomer base membrane that can be applied to prepared interior or exterior concrete, plywood and metal surfaces. Due to its fast gel time, B-Tuff 308 is suitable for applications in temperatures as low as 20°F (-6.7°C). It may be applied in a single application or in multiple applications. B-Tuff 308 is also relatively insensitive to moisture and temperature, allowing applications in various temperatures and humidity. Please use the correct product grade that complies with VOC regulations as per federal, state, county and city regulations/codes at the place of installation of product.

RIO-DECK Parking Deck and Traffic Coating Systems
  • Can Be Applied at Any Thickness

  • Coats Green (Vented) Concrete

  • Excellent Low Temperature Flexibility

  • Good Chemical Resistance

  • Good Thermal Stability

  • Interior or Exterior Applications

  • Meets USDA Criteria

  • Non Gassing

  • Recoatable

RIO-DECK Parking Deck and Traffic Coating Systems

RIO-DECK TC (Traffic Coating Topcoat Aromatic) is an aromatic, single component, environmentally  friendly, high solids, liquid applied, moisture cured, urethane surface protection coating. RIO DECK TC is designed to be used in low VOC and low odor environments including the Southern California Air Quality Management District and in compliance with the Air Quality Standards.


Applications include: concrete, plywood, pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic, resealing existing urethane surfaces and most metal, rubber, wood, or masonry surfaces.

RIO-DECK Parking Deck and Traffic Coating Systems
  • Enviromentally Friendly

  • AQMD Compliant 

  • Good Weatherability

  • High Solids 

  • Seamless Waterproofing Membrane

RIO-DECK Parking Deck and Traffic Coating Systems

RIO-DECK TCA (Topcoat Aliphatic) is a high solids, low odor, low VOC waterproofing membrane system that consists of a two component fast cure, urethane/polyurea base coat. 

RIO-DECK TCA is used as a tough, roofing and waterproofing membrane to endure a broad range of construction applications where a heavy duty traffic grade waterproofing membrane is required. The RIO-DECK TCA traffic coating system is utilized for vehicular and pedestrian traffic decks as well as between slab or sandwich plaza deck waterproofing, IRMA roof applications and single ply roof coating.


Applications include: re-roofing, vehicular parking decks, pedestrian decks, between slabs, foundation walls, terrazzo and tile floors, EPDM, I.R.M.A roofing, under malls, plazas and promenade decks, green roof waterproofing, balcony/breezeway, modified cap sheet and polyurethane foam.  

RIO-DECK Parking Deck and Traffic Coating Systems
  • ​Economical

  • Fast & Controlled Cure

  • Resistant to Bacterial Growth

  • Labor Saving

  • Not for use in SCAQMD Areas

  • Meets the Criteria of ASTM C-836 and E-96BW

  • Non-Gassing

  • User Friendly

RIO-DECK Parking Deck and Traffic Coating Systems
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