RIO-COAT EMP is a high solids epoxy coating that can be used on multiple surfaces. This resilient high-gloss surface is easy to clean and provides protection against wear and abrasions. Can be applied clear or pigmented.

  • 2:1 Primer and Epoxy Topcoat System

  • Low Maintenance

  • Faster Cure

  • Primer for Sand Filled Re-Surfacer and Liquids for the Sand Filled Re-Surfacer (typically filled 7.5:1 with silica sand)

  • Smooth and High-Gloss Finish

High solids epoxy coating
High-gloss epoxy flooring parking deck
high-solids epoxy coating

RIO-COAT ERS is a rapid set high solids, low VOC epoxy coating that is formulated to provide a high build epoxy coating with improved resistance to UV. Used as an epoxy topcoat system OR broadcast liquids when a saturation broadcast system either with silica sand, color quartz or vinyl chips are being utilized.

  • 2:1 Ratio 

  • Cures in 2 Hours 

  • Excellent Wear Ability and High Gloss

  • High Gloss Retention, Chemical Resistance and Impact Resistance

  • Provides a longer working time and improved flexibility

 rapid set high solids, low VOC epoxy coating
high build epoxy coating education facility
Epoxy flooring in a brewery

RIO-COAT EUV & EUV-M is a versatile and economical 100% solids, clear or pigmented epoxy coating for multiple interior applications. RIOCOAT EUV is recommended for warehouses, kitchens, restrooms, and other areas where either a high build clear product is needed or where a decorative filled floor is desired and better UV resistance is needed.

EUV-M was designed for professional concrete design installers that require a highly advanced material for intricate metallic designs. 

  • EUV is 2:1 Ratio, EUV-M is 3:1 Ratio 

  • Easy to use with extended pot-life

  • Low odor

  • Economical

  • Low viscosity and great self-leveling

  • Long open recoat window

100% solids, clear or pigmented epoxy coating food processing facility
Epoxy flooring
decorative metallic filled floor

RIO-COAT EVS is a two-part 100% solid epoxy moisture mitigation system. It is a moisture tolerant and VOC-Compliant product that limits alkalinity and the transmission of moisture, odor and other elements through concrete slabs. RIOCOAT EVS is compatible with most flooring adhesives and cementitious underlayments. RIOCOAT EVS features a rapid curing time for faster job completion. It allows the direct bond of most industrial coatings, floor leveling products and most adhesive systems.

  • ​Typically Only One Coat Requirement

  •  Fast Cure

  •  Same Day Cover

  •  VOC-Compliant

  •  Compatible with Most Floor Covering Systems

  •  Direct Bond of Floor Coverings and Toppings

  •  Superior Bond to Dry or Damp Surfaces

  •  0.06 Perm Rating

Epoxy flooring
100% solid epoxy moisture mitigation system.
Manufacturing facility epoxy flooring

RIO-COAT ECR (NOVOLAC) is a two component colored high solids novolac epoxy coating designed for application where splash and spills of acids, chemicals and solvents occur. Recommended for a high build topcoat for traffic areas, chemical troughs and curbs as well as tanks and chemical spill areas for cement masonry or brick.

  • 2:1 Ratio 

  • 100% Solids Epoxy Novolac 

  • Bisphenol F Formulation  

  • Excellent for strong acids and caustic environments 

 two component colored high solids novolac epoxy coating
 two component colored high solids novolac epoxy coating


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