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RIO Introduces Protean Flooring

Updated: May 8, 2023

I recently received the attached picture of one of our installs and was immediately reminded of the Greek story of Proteus. What does Greek mythology and polymer flooring have in common? Quite a bit if you are willing to keep reading. I will let you decide.

Welcome back.

Proteus was the original "old man and the sea" and Shepard of the sea's flock. He served under Poseidon, was possibly his son and lived near the mouth of the Nile River. Proteus was prophetic knowing all things past, present, and future. His selfish tendencies were well known as he fervently disliked divulging what he knew. So much so, the only way to get his precious information was to surprise and bind Proteus during his daily afternoon nap. You see, Proteus was a shapeshifter. He could assume any shape he pleased and would use this ability to escape information seeking captors. On a couple of occasions his captors would tie him to a point where any shape he formed would not allow escape. Forcing Proteus to tell his prophetic secrets. After his prophecy is revealed, his captors would immediately release and Proteus would plunge into the sea.

With the stage now set, let's discuss Rio’s Protean Flooring System.

Proteus is the root of the word Protean which means versatile or "capable of assuming many forms. Just like our resinous flooring systems, protean is positively connected with flexibility, versatility, and adaptability. Now we go back to the attached picture. This project is very protean. It clearly displays the flexibility of our decorative flooring systems by combining a flowing amoebic metallic epoxy system with a picture frame and cove base of a flake system. Versatility is highlighted because the base resin of both decorative systems are the same. Finally, seamless polymer flooring systems are inherently adaptable because they flow into whatever form the situation demands. Just like Proteus.

When designing your next Rio decorative epoxy floor system, think of Proteus. Understand polymer flooring is a true shapeshifter assuming many forms and combinations providing unlimited design options.


Rio Flooring Systems

Swirled gray and black floor


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