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Dear Elon....

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Dear Elon,

You know a lot of this already, but I have to write blog pieces for the masses so please take that into consideration when I state the elon-obvious. ;)

It is no secret, especially to you, EVs (Electric Vehicles) are becoming popular. So much so a recent Bloomberg article reported new EV car sales in the United States surpassed the critical 5% tipping point. As you know, this is the metric economists use to determine when a product goes from niche to mainstream. This adoption pattern is typical and visualized using the S-Curve business model. S-Curves predict how a product will grow over its life cycle . As your team of the best supply chain forecasters in the world know, the EV market has reached the dramatic acceleration phase.

So what does this have to do with polymer floor coatings? A lot, new technology creates new demands. A world of accelerated electric vehicle production means a lot more battery acid and thousands of new indoor battery charging stations. Bare concrete is not the ideal substrate for the evolving infrastructure needed to support this demand. Concrete was not designed to handle chemical exposure and needs a protective coating to keep it's integrity intact. Fortunately, Rio Flooring Systems has a seamless polymer flooring solution that will greatly improve your indoor charging stations safety, performance, and overall aesthetics.

With that said, let us discuss RIO-COAT EVS ™ moisture mitigation epoxy and how this unique technology is the perfect primer for indoor EV battery charging stations. RIO-COAT EVS™ is an alkaline resistant chemical barricade that prohibits damage caused by concrete moisture emissions. Preventing moisture from damaging battery charging station floors will not only extend the concrete life and improve safety, but also help prevent mold and mildew.

For indoor EV battery charging stations we also recommend using a high-build coat of RIO-COAT™ Novolac Epoxy. Novolac is a two component epoxy specially designed for applications where the splash and spills of acids, chemicals and solvents occur. RIO-COAT™ Novolac chemistry offers superior protection against 37% sulfuric acid and durable enough to handle day to day car traffic when top coated with our high traffic urethane RIO-COAT UHW™.

Please visit us at or email us at for more information.

Btw, our boss drives a beat up 1950 Chevy with 3 on the tree and lives in Austin. Can you please talk to him about upgrading?


Rio Flooring Systems

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